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Massage in Valencia

Massage room in the Montroy, Real, Montserrat, and Torrente area.

Massages and Therapies

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage with a happy ending. Nude, body to body, full of sensuality. Eroticism and passion with the best massage you will ever receive.

Lingam Massage

Erotic massage with manual ending. Happy ending with oils and lots of sensuality. Let my hands touch you like never before.

Relaxing Massages

Massages to relax after a long day and release tension and stress accumulated throughout the day or week with specialized massage techniques.

Facial Massages

Facial massages to stimulate muscles, release tension, improve tissue circulation, and enhance the overall appearance of the face.

Sports Massages

This type of massage helps relax muscle tissues after sports activities, as well as alleviate tension and overloads, promoting well-being.

Decontracting Massages

This type of massage is used to relax muscles and relieve contractures, which are usually caused by stress, poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Foot Reflexology

This treatment can eliminate stress and promote physical and mental relaxation, as well as improve the immune system and self-healing potential.


A completely natural treatment that enhances physical and psychological well-being through the use of aromatic liquids and natural essences.

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle massage technique applied to the circulatory system to promote the elimination of waste substances that accumulate in the body.

Geothermal Therapy

Also known as hot stone massage. It’s a very ancient and effective technique for relieving physical and emotional disorders.

About Me

My name is Victoria, and I am a certified Massage Therapist with experience in the field. I specialize in various massage techniques such as sports massage, decontracting massage, as well as in different manual and natural therapies: lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, floral therapies…
I am always in continuous learning to offer my clients a pleasant and satisfying experience. I prioritize the care of physical and emotional well-being, providing personalized treatment for each person who seeks my services.

If you are in Montroy, Real, Montserrat, Picassent, Torrente, or surrounding areas, let the best hands take care of you—whether you have discomfort or seek relaxation to disconnect from daily routine and fatigue.

I have a massage room with a table and tatami, oils, air conditioning for both cold and heat to maintain a pleasant atmosphere, incense and aromatherapy, relaxing music, and adjustable lighting.

Additionally, I also offer special massages such as erotic massages, including tantric massage, lingam massage, or nuru massage—all with a happy ending for a delightful experience.

Whatever type of massage you prefer, contact me and let yourself be pampered by the best hands.

Furthermore, my goal is to provide a safe and welcoming space where my clients can feel completely relaxed and cared for. 

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Massage therapist in Montroy, Real, Montserrat, Picassent, Torrent, and surrounding areas

Massage room in a private apartment. Easy parking available.



Experience in various treatments including relaxing massages, facial massages, and natural therapies.


Natural Therapies

Treatments and natural therapies to improve well-being and feel better using natural remedies.


Hygiene and Cleanliness

Hygiene, disinfection, and cleaning to ensure treatments are conducted with safety and cleanliness measures in place.